"I use my arts as a way to tell stories and dreams I have in mind. The inspiration for my recent works usually starts with the subjects I found in nature - leaves, flowers, insects, animals, mountains... I'm always fascinated by the shapes and forms mother nature creates, as well as the characters and souls that lives in them. When creating my works, I like to start with the subject I see or inspires me most and gradually add other elements which I found related to it in my subconscious mind. I hope my works can bring the views into my dreams and mind, where they would get amazed, inspired and find connections with their subconscious mind."


Originally born and living in Beijing, China, Siran Liu is a visual artist and designer currently located in NY. Always dreaming to be an artist, Siran came to US to pursue a career in art and design after finishing his Bachelor degree in Communication Engineering.

Despite of not having a formal art education in undergrad school, Siran quickly grew as an artist with his strong natural senses in color, light and form. He studied and graduated from the Visualization Department at Texas A&M University, one of the top education programs in computer animation and digital visualization. With his strong backgrounds in both art and technology, Siran found his way into the CGI film industry and is currently working at BlueSky studios as a lighting technical director. His personal works and group projects have been shown and exhibited in several national and international events including SIGGRAPH and New York City International Film Festival.

While working on CGI animation films, Siran also found his own way back to the dream and love he has been carrying since childhood - painting and art-making. Inspired mostly by subjects, structures and shapes he found in nature, Siran's painting draws different elements from nature, human and man-made objects, and composes them together in a dreamily bold way. The work brings viewers into a visual poetry and metaphor which evokes thought on the meaning of life and awareness of the inner self. While in his illustrations, Siran takes a different approach by building his imaginative characters into animals he likes. Influenced by the background in animation film, the whimsical and colorful style in Siran's works brings out the simple cheerfulness from everyone's child heart.

Awards & Group Exhibitions

Paper Works, Upstream Gallery, Hasting-On-Hudson, New York.
Art of Post, Agory Gallery, New York, New York.
86th Annual Juried Open Show, National Art Leauge, Queens, New York.
Opening Art Show, Luna Gallery-216, Rochester, New York

SIGGRAPH Studio Talk on Artistic Rendering, Los Angeles, California
2013 New York City Internation Film Festival, New York, New York.